Welcome to Sub Rosa, the style blog curated by yours truly, Ola Townsend. I’m on a mission to bring you practical, everyday tips that effortlessly elevate your life and help you embrace a more polished and put-together existence.

Sub Rosa sprouted from a deep-rooted desire to explore the realms of writing and fashion. My stint in a conservative corporate America environment left me yearning for a pursuit that truly ignited my passion. Encouragement from friends and family finally nudged me to birth this blog.

While nurturing Sub Rosa, I simultaneously thrived as a Southeast sales representative for an eco-conscious athleisure brand, honing my skills and knowledge in the fashion world. Then came the pivotal spring of 2011 when I decided to take the leap and commit to my blog full-time. You can delve deeper into my blogging odyssey in this dedicated section.

My commitment to Sub Rosa extends beyond just fashion and style; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that radiates confidence and sophistication. Join me on this expansive journey, where we’ll explore an array of topics, from wardrobe essentials to self-care rituals, all designed to enhance your daily life.

With Sub Rosa, you’re not just following a blog; you’re embarking on a transformational voyage towards a more refined and inspired you. Thank you for being a part of this enriching experience, and I look forward to sharing countless insights and discoveries with you as we continue to evolve together.

Stay tuned for an abundance of content that will empower you to lead a life that’s not just stylish, but truly exceptional.

Warmest regards, Ola Townsend